The Top 7 Mobile Event Apps To Manage A Startup Contest


Mobile event apps have changed the way events are organized, by boosting audience’s engagement. Engaging attendees enables organizers to hold their attention and focus, so that they can have a memorable experience at your event.

There is a ton of applications dedicated to organize events, so you can get quickly confused when it comes to choosing the right one for your event.

We have curated the top mobile event apps to engage the participants, responding to different needs.  

Here is a list of the best apps to use at your next startup event.

  1. Rocket Pitch, the app that allows you to rate the pitching startups and generate podium in real time



Rocket Pitch app guarantees you to engage everyone at your pitch events effortlessly by generating podiums and providing immediate feedback to startups or intrapreneurial teams.

Through Rocket Pitch app, the jury of the contest will be able to rate the startups, follow live progress and they can do it even remotely. Rocket Pitch will generate the rankings automatically in real time, and you can easily communicate all the key results to your boss in just one tap.

It takes 1 minute to set up an event on the Rocket Pitch app and invite the jury members.   


  • Real-time results
  • Rate pitches by criteria
  • Easy to set up an event
  • Feedback given to the startups


2. Jublia, the platform organizing meetings with other attendees



Jublia helps you to organize your event efficiently across 4 platforms (Jublia Buzz, Jublia Match, Jublia Sense and Jublia Guide).

Jublia Buzz is the one that will help you to engage your audience during your event. In fact, participants will be able to set up meetings with each other and Julia will send them the planning of their meetings as a reminder before the event starts.


  • Scheduling 1-1 meetings
  • Comments on the event and meetings


3. Pigeonhole Live enables attendees to ask questions and vote on polls



Pigeonhole Live will help you to make your events more dynamic and more engaging by allowing your audience to ask questions, vote on polls and give their feedback on their smartphone or tablet.

Attendees can ask their questions during a conference in real time, and they can also vote for their preferred questions.


  • Live Q&A
  • Live poll
  • Survey to collect feedback


4. Crowdcompass helps you to inform your attendees of the events’ schedule



Crowdcompass is a modern app to engage attendees during your event, allowing them to connect with peers, content and brands. They can network and participate to active discussions. It lets your attendees view event content and explore their schedules even while offline on iOS and Android devices.


  • 1-1 meeting
  • Appointments
  • Activity Feed


5. Whova, a networking tool



Whova enables to organize your events with smarter event networking. The attendees can access to a mobile agenda, provide feedback to speakers during a conference, upload their business card and then exchange it with others on the app.  They can also communicate through group chat.


  • Mobile agenda
  • Collect feedback for speakers
  • Community chat
  • Business card exchanging


6. YouTube Live Events, an easy et quick tool to livestream your event



YouTube helps you to reach the audience live by taking advantage of live streaming. Indeed, it will allow you to host your event with thousands of potential attendees. When you broadcast your event on YouTube Live Events, whoever in the world can watch it. The viewers can also comment on the live chat.


  • Quick and custom live streaming
  • Live chat


7. eventScribe, an event app for educational conferences and meetings



eventScribe enables attendees to take note on the platform, share reviews on the speakers’ presentation slides and ask them questions. They can even share their notes with other attendees and on social platforms. You can also test their knowledge and their level of engagement by gamifying your event with the educational scavenger hunt game.


  • Note taking
  • Reviews shared to speakers
  • Gamification

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